Ki-Aikido is a defensive martial art seeking the most peaceful and fluid resolution to any type of conflict. Using the natural power of gravity, timing and circular movements, we train to co-ordinate mind and body.
Ki-Aikido is beneficial for everyone regardless of size, age, gender or physical ability.

Going beyond the advantage of learning to defend yourself, Ki-Aikido also helps you to function better in your everyday world, to build confidence, raise your level of physical fitness, as well as teach a new way to handle conflicts and other difficult situations.

Fortunately, most of us will never need the physical combat skills of Aikido outside the dojo. However, our daily lives can be greatly enriched by the calmness and inner strength developed through the practice of Aikido. Many of the Ki development techniques taught in class can be practiced and beneficially applied in the normal course of daily living. Being aware that the study and practice of Ki-Aikido need not be confined to the dojo will enhance your progress and the benefits you obtain. The diligent study of Ki-Aikido can lead to a more vigorous, confident, and spirited way of life.

NEW for New Students:
Two Weeks of Classes for $10
Ki Aikido is an art. It takes time to appreciate the breadth of its offering. To make it a little easier for new students to grasp the tip of the iceberg, we've developed a Two for Ten starter program.


MAY 15 to 17, 2015:
Spring Seminar with
8th Dan, Chief Instructor of
Midland Ki Federation, USA

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