Ahmed Ali had stores in Colorado at Park Meadows Mall (Denver), Citadell Mall (Colorado Springs), Flatiron Crossing Mall (Broomfield) and in Utah at Gateway Mall (Salt Lake City).
He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, that he now can serve his customers with lower prices and better deals at local swap markets.

We will ship your order all over the United States, and we do accept credit cards.
Communication with our customers is very important to us: we can be
contacted at any time through e-mail and telephone, to answer your question and take your order.

About our Company:

We are Cairo based manufacturers, distributors and exporters providing a full range of quality fragrance oils, handcrafted glasses, egyptian bellydance accessories, and varieties of exotic art pieces at competitive prices.
Our glass blowers create perfume glass bottles, wine glasses and ornaments of the finest quality in the world. They are made from pyrex imported from Germany and are decorated with 24 carat gold. This beautiful glass is hand made in Egypt. And each one is unique.
Our papyrus sheets are handpainted in Egypt on genuine papyrus paper.

Glassblower at work