Perfume Oils

Our perfume designers in Egypt create fragrance oils with scents similar to many well-known brands. Among other favorite scents, we offer aroma types adapted from:

For women:  Sexy Graffity  *  Paris Hilton
       Ed Hardy  *  Pink Sugar  *  Ralph
For Men:   Black Code  *  Desire  *  Gucci
       LaCoste  *  Bora Bora  *  Big Pony
and for both (unisex):  Opium  *  White Arabian Musk
       African Musk  *  Egyptian Musk  *  Natural Patchouli

* Our scented oils are FDA approved, they do not contain alcohol or other synthetic chemicals. They are gentle on your skin and very economical: a few drops will provide the perfume scent for a long time.
* Our fragrances can be worn anywhere, though the most effective places are the pulse points (wrist, knees and neck).
* A few drops in your bath water will give you great morning and relaxing evening.
* Fragrances can be used in oil burners to create an aromic smell in your home.
* Sprinkle a few drops on your fabric softener dryer sheets, to give your clothes a fresh luxurious aroma.
* 20 Years experience; Finest Grade "A", 100% Alcohol free.

The 0.3oz rollerbottles for $19.99 are very handy for a quick scent touch-up. The 1oz bottle costs $39.99 (add $5 for shipping).

BEST DEAL for loyal customers: if you re-order your favorite fragrance you get 50% off the first-order price! (plus shipping)

We also have pretty oil warmer diffusers to spread your favorite scent through your room.


0.3 ounce roller



1 ounce bottle


If you want to order more of your favorite perfume oils, or other items in my shop, please contact me by email or phone call.